We offer a full design and management service to private companies, local authorities and individual clients throughout the U.K.

We work on small, medium and large design projects specialising in architectural and interior design undertaking all RIBA work stages; from initial inception through to final completion and certification.

However, we don't have to be appointed for all work stages. We can be commissioned to undertake certain stages, for example, should you require the concept design, planning submission and building regulations submission, we would be appointed for stages 1-4.

Furthermore, should the additional (on site) work stages be required, we can then be commissioned to facilitate stages 5 onwards. 

Each project is unique so please contact us for a no obligation discussion and/or to arrange a meeting to establish the feasibility of your proposal, however in the meantime, we have provided below a list of the aforementioned RIBA work stages for your information.
services we offer 
_Architectural Design - RIBA Stages 1- 6 (see below)
_Interior Design
_Landscape Design
_Lighting Design
_Contract Administration
_Project Management
_Expert Witness
_Architects Certificates
_Condition Surveys
_Construction Advice
_Structural Engineering

description of typical project stages

Stage 1 Preparation / Brief / Survey 

This includes the initial consultation to assess the clients’ requirements. This consultation is followed up with an email confirming our understanding of the project, the cost and timescale of the project, and details of our fee. In addition and once commissioned, we begin by preparing ‘as existing’ survey drawings based upon a dimensional and topographic survey of the property, the adjoining site and the Highways.

Stage 2 Concept Design

Using the ‘as existing’ survey drawings as the basis, we design an outline scheme to investigate the feasibility of the proposals. These are then presented to the client/s for consideration and comment.

Stage 3 Developed Design (Planning Submission)

Assuming that one or a combination of a number of the outline proposals are acceptable, a design will then be drawn up for final approval. At this stage we also prepare a brief specification identifying the main items of materials to be included in the final design.

Once the final design has been approved by the client, we will submit the proposals for planning permission or LDC (Lawful Development Certificate) should the works comply with permitted development rights. The required consultation period for LDC or Planning Applications is normally six to eight weeks; during this time the local authority will publicise details of the project for public comment.

Stage 4 Detailed Design (Building Regulations)

Assuming Planning Permission or LDC is granted, the next stage is to prepare detailed drawings and a specification for the Building Regulations Application, again, this is submitted to the local authority, and usually takes two-four weeks to process.

Stage 5 Construction

At this stage we produce a Schedule of Works which is sent with an Invitation to Tender to a small number of contractors. These documents detail the terms and conditions of the contract, and the quality of workmanship and materials.

They also list each main work item to be included in the Contract on an elemental or a room-by-room basis.

The Schedule of Works permits the Contractor to price each item, ensuring that as far as is reasonably possible, all items required to complete the works are covered. The use of the Schedule of Works also ensures that there is parity of tendering with all pricing by Contractors being calculated on a like-for-like basis.                                                        

Stage 5 Appointment of Contractor

Having hopefully obtained a tender which is within the budget price, we would usually draw up Contract Documents that formalise the agreement between the Client and the Contractor.

Stage 5 Contract Administration

Once the Contractor makes a start on site, we make periodic visits, normally once a week, to inspect the works to ensure that they are being carried out in accordance with the Contract Documents.

During the contract period we carry out the routine Contract Administration, this means providing the client with monthly valuations of the work carried out to date, so that the client can pay the contractor.

We also deal with any queries from the Contractor, the Building Inspector or other interested parties.

Stage 6 Practical Completion

When the works are satisfactorily completed a Certificate of Practical Completion is issued, this starts the 6 month Defects Liability period, during which time the Contractor is obliged to remedy any defect arising from the works.

Final Account

At the end of this 6 month period and assuming that all outstanding defects have been rectified, a Final Certificate is issued terminating the Contract.