The replacement Girlguiding building we have designed in conjunction with our clients; the trustees of the Girlguiding Kilgrimol building is modern and sustainable, using forward thinking technologies and renewable energy sources
The striking design along with the impressive glazed entrance will make the users feel empowered upon entering the building  and the creative internal spaces along with the large vaulted activity room with floor to ceiling glazing will make the buildings visitors and users alike feel truly inspired, thus creating a perfect environment to enjoy learning and other fun activities which will leave a lasting impression on future generations.
But unfortunately, due to recent flooding, the current Kilgrimol Girlguiding building has been shut down, leaving the Guides and other users forced to find alternative premises which means some more local children struggle to attend. 
However, with the collective efforts of the Guide leaders led by life long committed Girl guide Sue Allen, every effort is being made to ensure the children do not suffer. 
But the reality is, the longer it takes to build our new centre, the longer the children and other users will have to wait to enjoy there time at Kilgrimol again. 
Therefore, we hope the content we have displayed in our website has been educational and will encourage enough donations to be made to continue turning our vision into reality so we can complete our new building!